vrijdag 18 november 2011

Photo upload

 The amsterdam photo museum "foam" started a discusssion  about the future for the museum.
Curator Erik Kessel showed us one day upload to flickr and could fill several exposition spaces with it.

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  1. Thanks for the insight into the photo museum. I never really thought about how many photos are upload every day. Flickr is only one place to store pictures. I wonder what the total would be if they were all grouped together.

  2. thats so funny.
    one day upload worldwide... ? and they then printed all those photos? thats funny...

  3. Wow that is quite a pile of photos! I know myself I would not take 600 on a 2 day trip to NYC if it wasn't digital. Processing all that costs a fortune. I love the idea of museums having items online to view for those who cannot get there in person. Wonderful idea but what a great shot of all those works of art!!

  4. I have read from various sources that there are ove 5 Billion images now on flickr.

    5000,000,000 !


  5. One day’s uploads....amazing and unbelievable. What a great shot. You captured the moment perfectly. genie

  6. That's pretty crazy, to think how much paper and chemistry I once "wasted" shooting film and having double prints of every shot until digital came along...

  7. Gosh!
    And this is just from ONE day?

    Gunn / Stavangerdailyphoto.com