dinsdag 1 november 2011

Design academy graduation show 2

This is Daphne van Mourik and what she has to say.
Letters written ages ago are often still saved lovingly in a shoe box in the attic. I call them Postal Pearls . But where do these sweet, crazy and nonsensical messages get saved if they are digital in nature? She asked the twittering, texting and pinging teenage crowd. Turned out the were not so conscious of any need to save anything. On www.postparels.blogspot.com Van Mourik offers them another view on the matter with clips, products and services. For example you can hire an sms-messenger who will deliver your text message tangibly to the doorstep. Or send a flying tweed into the air with a balloon. Record it and save it online or in a drawer. Something to dwell on in your dotage.

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