zondag 9 oktober 2011

Sunday Bridges

This nameless bridge in the Oostvaardersplassen contains the animals you see there on sunday the most . Not the deers, birds and wild horses where this area is famous for but the sunday stroller and I must admit I am one also to look for that rare sea eagle etc.
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7 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh look! There's two of those human species! Wow! What a rare breed! Nice catch! Ha ha! I like your sense of humor!

  2. Oh it's nice to see some photographers actually drag out their tripods and USE them! :)

  3. The weathered bridge and the grasses are beautifully paired. So, did you see that rare sea eagle? You appear ready for the shot!


  4. I thank you all for your kind remarks and no i didn't see the sea eagle on that occasion.

  5. Those Sunday Strollers have some pretty impressive gear with them.

  6. Excellent bridge to take photos from. I like this photo, giving us the spirit of the place.