maandag 31 oktober 2011

Design academy graduation show

Just to show how much information nowadays is on wikipedia somebody took 5 pages with links from wikipedia and put them on paper .The first Barack Obama. For more about the graduation show on the dutch design week go to The dutch design academy

This is from Charlotte Porskamp and what she has to say about it.
‘A love for putting things on display is a family quirk. My father and granddad were doing it before me, collecting objects that contain a story.’ At her home, Charlotte Porskamp ranges her books, CDs and computer applications by colour. Because it is visually comforting, because it says something about her. She has noticed that – at her place, too –things are increasingly moving onto the computer, and with her project Anonymous Archive she intends to raise people’s awareness of this. The volume is another issue. ‘It’s easy to store everything, but if you do that it says little about your personal tastes. If you’re not careful, the individual may get lost among the nondescript files. Pretty soon we’ll be lost among all the nameless files.’

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Information overload, quite a fact of today's world.

  2. Fascinating idea with the books, they're pretty striking visual representation of what is otherwise only visible one "page" at a time. And nice photos of the event, s.c.