zondag 13 november 2016


Invited to be introduced and using the newest Olympus camera's and lenses yesterday.
That I couldn't resist. The same invitation for the new Hasselblad I decide to let go. The E-M1-II is a really remarkable camera and the double stabilizer system with the new lenses is so good that I was capable to make a shot handheld for one second with 100mm that still was sharp. Self owning and using a E-M5 I had a bit trouble with the size and the weight. The thing is heavy and so are the pro lenses. Of course not as havy as the Canons and Nikons of the world but still the only aspect that I didn't liked but if I ever win the jackpot who knows.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. What fun to be able to try out a new camera. I was reading the glowing reviews of a new Nikon, and decided to compare it to my old Nikon D-90. The new model is only marginally better, so I'll keep what I have.

  2. I got Nikon D72oo but are streessing which new lense I should buy.Have used Tamrom 16-300 but now I wonder if Sigma 18-300 is something or Nikons nikkor 70-300--you pix looks goood now..have you changed something??Anita

  3. I have changed nothing but must admit that i sometimes gives the photo,s more clearity with lightroom.