dinsdag 8 juli 2014

Daily life in Amsterdam

Last week to bring the kids to school. Next week holiday.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. And no helmets. In Australia you have to wear a helmet or risk a fine. Summer holidays must be looked forward to by all.

    1. If somebody goes to hospital in 90 percent it is by an accident wre a lorry hasn't seen a biker in its rear mirror. A helmet doesn't help much then.

  2. What a great shot. I really like it. Straight out of life.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. Most folks do wear helmets where I live, although it's not required by law.

  4. ah! It must be fun as the child, but I'd be so anxious as the parent on a bike.
    The mother is so fashionably dressed!

    Hope you are well, SC!

  5. The kids are already out of school here. Luckily the weather has warmed up for their holidays!

    PS: I have another Porsche posted here today: http://halcyontravels.blogspot.de

  6. A very healthy way to get the kids to school s.c, here the mums drop the kids of in four wheel drives, it's ridiculous! They should all be wearing helmets though :)

  7. Like Kitty said, these ladies are very stylish looking riding their bikes. Not a picture you see very often here in the States.

  8. Your country is so far ahead of the world with it's cycle use. Very slowly UK is starting to get on our bikes more,but we are decades behind; and our roads are so busy and don't have good cycle paths. The bicycle is such an important part of your social culture.