maandag 6 augustus 2018

Portrait as metro network

If you go down in the new metrostation Vijzelgracht you see a portrait of singer and actor Ramses Shaffy in the form of a subway net. He lived for many years around the corner here and was very famous. 
Every station on the net shows a marking point in his history. Marian Laaper is the creator of this stunning artwork. One for Sami's Colourful World here.

12 opmerkingen:

  1. That's quite different, very interesting Stef.

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  3. Stunning is an understatement . this is spectacular.

  4. What a unique way to honor a famous local person and give people necessary subway information.

  5. I like this, stunning to see it in neon.

  6. Love to see it. One of these days, after I retire.