dinsdag 16 mei 2017

Bare feet parade

Coming from the supermarket going home we were surprised by a parade. Something you see rarely or not at all in the Netherlands.
The Sikhs in the Netherlands were celebrating Vaisakhi, the birth of modern Sikhism which falls at the same time as the harvest festival in the Punjab.
very impressive and colorful
and that you don't expect
on your daily shopping round in Almere. (I didn't know that we have so many Sikhs living in Almere). One for Our World Tuesday here.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice... you got yourself some excellent photos. You are right about the colours. Very impressive.

  2. Wonderful images. I like the dress.

  3. Even kennis maken met een heel andere cultuur. Leuke foto's.

  4. I think the occasion was marked here as well. There are Sikhs to be found here, particularly out in British Columbia and the Greater Toronto Area.

  5. What a happy surprise to come across this colourful parade. Excellent photos SC.

  6. Happy surprise for you!!!!

    Nice colours :)

  7. Ohoh... !!!
    You were in the right place in the right time.
    (I don't see them here in Helsinki... or at least not in their colorful clothes.)