zondag 17 juli 2016

Summer at last.

Now I am lucky that the trees gives some shadow on the book market at the Spui. One for Sunday Shadow shot here.
Another nice way to buy some second hand books is in the main passage of the University of Amsterdam called the Old Mans House Gate (Oudemanhuispoort)

7 opmerkingen:

  1. A lot to explore in Amsterdam... both times was there for few hours before flight at night, was coming from Den Bosch early morning... but i enjoyed both times in Amsterdam..

  2. The sun is already there but not warm enough yet. Too much wind.


  3. Fijn om even te kijken bij de boeken.

  4. I am glad that there is still a market for this, that someone buys and reads them. I confess that all my books are digital now. It is a lighter physical burden.

  5. A book market! Second hand books! I'll be here awhile.