donderdag 24 maart 2016

Trying to figure it out.

Looking from the Houtkoopersburgwal to the Oudeschans and the little bridge left is the Snoekjes bridge in front of the Kromboomsloot in 1967. On the right still the installation for garbage transport by boat, in use until the seventies. The tower just left of the middle is the one from the old church.
Picture from the amsterdam city archive of the place where I was standing during the demolition. Here you see clearly the tower of the Zuider church. Today this is the domain of Theaterschool of Amsterdam part of the Amsterdam University of the Arts.

An old map showing all the streets and houses now disappeared.
And the situation today.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Your photo collection gone beyond mere pictures. You have preserved a piece of history.

  2. I am enjoying this series. I was just thinking how these pictures are only 25 years after WW2.

  3. Weell i must show this to my working friend from Holland!!So great!!!

    And you took the shoots!!what an very good Architect!and photographer:)))

  4. I always wonder where that stuff goes that they tear down.

  5. Another good reason to shoot daily photos of the world as documentation for future generations.