woensdag 23 december 2015

Photographic invitation.

I was invited for the Olympus playground. A happening where you can test the newest Olympus photographic products. It was in a part of town I was not familiar with and it took me a while to find it.
The surroundings were real spectacular. All old harbor buildings not in use anymore.
It was on the opposite of this famous amsterdam cafe Roest.
with also very hip customers.
After that the display of the photographic decors was a bit a disappointment.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow... lots of photo ops in this part of town just waiting for you S.C.

  2. Wonderful old buildings and so much else to see and photograph. On a sunny day the shadows could be exciting and a fun challenge. I hope you go back and show us what else you find there.

  3. I've never shot with an Olympus. Would be fun to try one.

  4. Looks really nice, both the place and Olympus-photos.
    Here also, the old mills and others factories are now made for other purposes, often for something as a hobby or workshop etc.

  5. Some things just don't turn out to be as interesting as they sounded.

  6. Looks like a part of town with great photographic potential. So, what was your impression of the equipment you tried? I've not used Olympus cameras. Any "ah ha" moments?

  7. Hyvää Joulua - Kuvakasta Vuotta 2016...

  8. Love the photos of those old buildings, SC!
    Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    Peace :)