woensdag 23 september 2015

A cameo ?

I got this piece of wienerschnitzel on my plate. Remarkable and one for sign, signs here.

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Yep, looks like you got the Dog Lover's Special. :-)

  2. Okay, I didn't see it until I read the comments. I am too cat orientated I guess.

  3. I think I could be stretching this, but I think this is a symbol of a dog. The connection is 'wiener'. You are eating a wiener schnitzel and 'wiener' is another word for 'daschund'. So this has to be a symbol, a profile of a dog.

  4. Definitely a dog cameo. Gemma Wiseman makes the point. Interesting that my Mother had these same dishes.

  5. Yes indeed a profile of a dog's head without a doubt.

  6. The plate seems to be similar to the Finnish Arabia "Ruska" series (I'm sure it is just it). When I was young, I had this series of many bins, and now again I have a few coffee mugs. (Go to the same canteen and check the bottom of the mark).
    Hopefully, the steak was good.

    1. We got this crockery on our wedding day 45 years ago and it still does. Indestructible and still beautiful. Its indeed Arabia "Ruska".