donderdag 27 augustus 2015

The Photographica market for the last time for now

A few more random shots of the photo market of last sunday.

The guy on the right looks familiar to me.

Yes, this is someone I know

The wives of some dealers had sought their own entertainment.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. You did a great job again. It is always a pleasure to visit your blog. ;-)

    Greetings from the Netherlands!
    Gert Jan

  2. I like your people photography. The angles make a difference. Much better than aiming straight on.

  3. Looks like your are doing stealth photography. The guy you know kind of looks like me...poor fellow.

  4. Interesting street photography. That fellow with the beard looks like someone I might know also. Perhaps he is just a type of person I do know.

  5. I like your portrait photography! Nice job shooting in an upward angle.

  6. If you like architecture, please go up before Hundertwasser poste end see this extraordinaire facade of Wurth museum, by the Constance lake. Switzerland. Firth time I see thatch thing. Very interesting way.

  7. What fun for all of our types who love photography (and architecture?

    You were right about the window with the red dots and legs at Printemps. I am glad that you saw the tag for her in the label line (Yayoi Kusama) - Thanks for being observant!