dinsdag 11 november 2014

Photographica fair

Last Sunday was the semi-annual photografica fair in the Netherlands and if possible I go there for who knows what but always a pleasure to visit.
I am always wondering what people put in their bags. In this case I think this bag is also just bought . Very stylish.
You can never have to much bags so its also nice to look for that bag that you still miss.
( I admit I have now to many bags but cannot bring myself up to put some away)
Proud owner of a nikon d300s bought in a nikon d300 box.
Yes you cannot start early enough.
Tomorrow some more.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I think the powers that be ought to dub the Netherlands "the land of the camera". Maybe we have fairs like this in the States, but, if so, I've not run across them.

  2. Great set of pictures. I am always looking for the perfect camera bag.

  3. Looks nice happening and this is a lovely serie of it.
    I really love the bag in second photo... :)

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    1. Hereby invited for the next one in march 2015.