zondag 2 november 2014

Hottest november day ever

Since the start of temperature registration (1900) we haven't had such a hot day in november. In the south of the Netherlands it was even 22° C. (Normally around 7° C). Looking at the dresses and the terrace the people and the cafe owners hadn't counted with that. (Torbecke square in Amsterdam).

12 opmerkingen:

  1. I must admit global warming is much better than global cooling.

  2. That is a great temperature to enjoy the outdoors!

  3. i agree with Andy!I kind of like this warmth!

    we too have about 15 degrees in the storms!and the bluebells is growing once again on the ground!i quess we have to get high up in the mountains to get soem snow this year!Thanx for lovely photo:)i dont mind smokers!Big hugs!

  4. Wij hadden hier amper 20° en zo meer zuidelijker! :-)
    Maar het was genieten van zo'n temperaturen!
    Mooi foto met die schaduw en de rook.
    Heb hier trouwens veel variatie gezien in je foto's en van foto's.
    Ze zijn niet op twee handen te tellen!
    Een plezier voor het oog!

  5. Het is uitzonderlijk. Genieten dus :)

  6. I am surprised to see all the people smoking tobacco. That has become rare around here. Our days recently have started off below freezing, but this is typical for here.

  7. It was warm here in London too... another record breaker. But I do think that is it now.. the cold and rain is making a come back this week.

  8. What will happen to your coast when the polar ice is gone?