donderdag 1 mei 2014

Bauhaus visit (3)

After forced to leave Weimar Walter Gropius got the change to build his own institute building again in Dessau between 1925-1928. It is one of the first designs where the facade is not part of the construction but just a skin while the skelet consist of concrete beams, colums and floors. Today normal but in those days unheard off. Also recently restored it now have its grandeur back from the days it was born. 

Here the facade with the balcony's of the student rooms.

A corridor between the classrooms. Funny that the corridors in the amsterdam art school "the Rietveld Academy" made by arch. Rietveld looks nearly the same and originated from 1967. Rietveld was in 1923 invited by Gropius to hold an exhibition at the Bauhaus in Weimar about his chairs.

The famous staircase in Dessau with the trademark colors of the Bauhaus.

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  1. From that first photograph, I'd say ol' Gropius could have used the input of a good landscape architect. :-)

    1. Funny that you say that. The only color Gropius forbid in his buildings was green, because when you looked out of the window you saw it enough already and indeed the most windows are the green color planes in the building.

  2. How wonderful! Thank you so much for these.

  3. Not only nice designs in themselves, but these are some beautiful shots you have produced showing them in a nice light. Great compositions.

  4. Thanks for the tour. Fascinating. This last post could easily be linked to Theme Day.

  5. I've seen many pictures of the student dormitory with balconies, but you have the best photo of it. This movement in architecture influences building design everywhere now. Bauhaus is the very definition of "modern."