woensdag 5 maart 2014


In the port of Rotterdam hospital sailors are treated with a variety of diseases coming from all over the world. The entrances to the public restrooms have therefore been fitted in a lot of languages ​​and at the same time a very obvious icon. Visiting a sick family member it was one off the more eye-catching events searching your way to get to his room. One for signs, signs here.

15 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice and interesting silhouettes. Especially the one on the left. :) And yes... very smart.

  2. Wish they had these back in the mid-70s when I first visited Frankfurt. Would have saved me a great deal of embarrassment. :-)

  3. This sign communicates perfectly! I do not care for the cleverly disguised ways to distinguish the "male or female" restrooms. Often they leave you making a guess - eek!


  4. That's one of the classiest signs I've seen for the ladies and gents in a very long time.