zondag 22 september 2013


Along and sometimes crossing the river Valldøla walks this fantastic footpath made by architects Jensen and Skodvin.

Here a view of the stunning landscape and river that you see.

It meanders very nice along al the bends the river has.

A real niece piece of engineering

Ending by this cafe at the other side of the river.
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8 opmerkingen:

  1. the best paths have a cafe at the end of them

  2. What a novel way to reach a cafe, it makes the most of the beautiful countryside.

  3. What a fantastic footbridge! «Louis» would like to walk this bridge - and to check out the cafe at the end.

    «Louis» thanks you for contributing this to Sunday Bridges!

  4. Special bridge. Must be fun walking there.


  5. Oh, my goodness! What a fabulous walkway. We have elevated wooden walkways in our area, but none are as unusual and intricate as this one. Great pictures from so many angles. You have given the viewer a wonderful feel of it all. genie

  6. awesome... never seen something like this before..

  7. Amazing bridge structure, and I love the design of that cafe.