dinsdag 5 maart 2013

Apple pie

Every time when I am in the neighborhood
 I try to visit cafe Winkel on the Noordermarket in amsterdam. Their coffee with home made apple pie is famous especially on market days when they have to make their apple pies in large quantities. Every 30 minutes there comes 10 fresh and warm out of the kitchen and the customers are queing for them. Despite the rather cold weather (4° C) their terrace is stuffed with pie eating and coffee drinking customers. If you have the opportunity you have to try it. Success guarantied.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. I like this shot. You got right into the face of the young lady.

  2. They look delicious served with cream too.

  3. Great photo!
    I would like to taste1

    (..the sand in these parts of Sahara had this colour, and the colours were so strong...)

  4. This shot looks very lively. I love people's expressions.

  5. great shot!!
    funny, since Bieb's photos are without many people. This photo shows a very different feeling.

  6. Those look delicious and how perfect with a hot, strong cup of coffee. Great perspective and color in this shot.


  7. oh great! i have to remember this for when back in amsterdam....