woensdag 6 februari 2013

Building exhibition 2

Such an exhibition is for the building industry a showcase for their newest products as here a hammer from stanley where the nail is hold on its place by a magnet for the first hit  and then you can hit it twice more and the nail is jammed. A very clever innovation for a floor or roof maker .

This very small and nice profiles from the bauhaus period couldn't be used anymore by regulations about thermo isolation now required for new buildings.

Here the solution from MHB. An normal T profile with a sightline of 30mm and an isolation in the body from ceramic material which is very strong and also proof against high temperatures so that it can also withstand fire tests. If they had it only a few years before I am sure that I had used km's of the stuff. By the way it is called SL30-iso .

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Great to see more innovative products coming into use. That hammer looks to be a great idea.

  2. Ah, I feel right at home in this post. My husband and I joke that if we do not appear at the hardware store, they will call and inquire about our health - hah!