dinsdag 15 januari 2013

Winter light

Everything looks more clear in the cold air as here in the "Kinkerstraat" amsterdam at 16:00 PM. Still tonight it is gone snowing and according to the news we have now a traffic jam off more then 1000 km. Never heard such number before for a traffic jam.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Maybe you ned to come and live in Australia SC, then you'll have summer and fires instead.
    1000km traffic jam, too long to think about.

  2. I wouldn´t change for any of those poor drivers.

  3. I fear we are unable to handle any kind of snow storm with our vehicles anymore.
    Heard about this on the news.

  4. There is a special quality to winter light. You have captured it beautifully.


  5. It always amazes me how dark it gets by 4:pm in winter in Europe. 1000k traffic jam. Wow that is from Brisbane to Sydney.

  6. ah, great lighting!!
    That is nuts about the traffic. I'm sure some people ran out of gas. ugh!!