maandag 9 juli 2012


This week I will show some work I saw on the leaving-examination of the Rietveld art academy.
Today the ceramic department.
This table with ceramic vases from which garden-cress is growing is a project of Jacob Gallant Reader a graduate from the USA. He won also the GRA award as best performing artist of the ceramic department this year .

 This sumo wrestler is made by Yuliana Taranova  a student from Moscow. Sometimes I think that there are no more dutch students there but thats not true.

Coming inside I saw this what looked on first sight on stones wrapped in with some tape.

In reality it was a baked form hollow inside to prevent it to crack in the backing proces. The artist Nina Fránková from the Chech republic had a nice story about them. If you want to know more of her work and from other students you can go to but her part seems to be under construction. This site is a carrier of galleries for people in all different sorts of art and a internet museum on its own.

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