donderdag 1 december 2011


The orange cheese is a dutch edammer colored with carrot juice and called commission cheese.
These was done by the cheese factory to show that this cheese was tax free and only for the farmers who delivered the milk for the cheese. It was a kind of payment in nature for them. I don't know of it is practiced  today but some of my colleagues knew it from their years as children on the farm. Now you can buy it in specialized cheese shops. 

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Fascinating. Does the carrot juice have any effect on the flavour?
    Love your composition here.

  2. Hoi PoS
    I don't really taste a difference. The only thing is that the cheese is older then a normal edammer and therefore sharper and harder then normal.

  3. "their years as children" translates as childhood.
    Nice photo by the way.

  4. hmmmm, oude kaas.... i really very much miss that here. but they dont have a lot here and when they do, its very expensive..

  5. Interesting story behind it... but orange cheese not seen before !

  6. Nice food shot, would love to have some of that cheese - looks aged, sharp?