dinsdag 17 mei 2011

My interests

At a exhibition of work from students of the "Rietveld academie", a famous dutch art college I saw these nice balls. By rolling them over the paper they made interesting patterns.

A recent visit at the MMKA in Arnhem showed work of Spijkers and Spijkers. Dutch fashion designer twins. They where inspired by the Memphis group of Etorre Sottas from Italy.

The museum also shows a collection of new ornaments. This is a necklace by german designer Denise Julia Reytan from 2010 under the name "show me color"

From my office I saw the building on the "silodam" by MVRDV and the former corn-elevator renovated by J.v.Stigt . We are in for nice weather .

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I looked close at your blog. This is a great blog. Beautiful photo work.

  2. Hello s.c.
    I have enjoyed very much my Journey about Amsterdam through your photos and words.

    I felt as I looked and read, well it seems Amsterdam is in the process of re-creating its self.. there is much contrast between what was, what is and what is emerging.

    My Mother was from Belgium, so this Journey was special.

    Your photography is beautiful.

    Thank you,
    Good wishes from Magda and Family in Queensland Australia